Monday, 14 November 2016

Starting school

Starting School at St. Attracta's:

We are grateful to have a wonderful class of children in our Sonas Class. We started our school year by taking pictures of the children on their first day and getting to know each other.
Everyone is settling in very well. There are artists, singers, builders, footballers and much more in our room.
The children have been working hard on setting up their school day routines and learning through play.
We have been so lucky to have Senior students participating in our Friendship Squad, which allows us to have helpers in outdoor activities and making friends at school.
Starting school is always a big transition for everyone, but having a happy school environment makes everything a little easier.
The children in Sonas have been working really hard on learning their colours, shapes, early numbers and starting tuition on phonics.
The colours we have studied to date are Blue & Red, the numbers 1 & 2 and the letters S, A, T, I, P & N.
We know our sounds and can write our letters quite well now :)

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