Friday, 7 April 2017

Happy Easter everyone! 

It's so very eggciting to be getting our Easter holidays after a very busy term in Sonas class.

As always, we have been working very hard and learning lots of new skills.

Since Christmas, we have worked especially hard on two very different, but very important skills: working as a group and learning to work independently. As a group, we can now share, sing, dance, play and work together. The children have loved our Gymboree sessions with Mary and really enjoyed singing songs, playing instruments and sensory play.

In Maths, we have started to work on number sense and addition. The children have learned number rhymes and songs and we have used concrete manipulatives to help them learn number facts.

The children are also getting very good at working independently, completing tasks without distraction or assistance and showing just how much they have learned! As part of engineers week, we looked at jigsaws, colour inserts and building blocks. The children's work was truly fabulous, showing that we have potential engineers and designers in our lovely class. 

There's been lots of fun times this term, and we've learned lots too! Hope everyone has an eggcellent Easter and we're looking forward to another action packed term before Summer. 

Happy Easter :)

Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Well, we're back to welcome all the new things that 2017 will bring to our class in Sonas.

All of the children had a lovely Christmas and are happy to be back at school again.

We certainly have gotten off to a flying start...

We have been playing co-operative games in class such as rice play, block building and parachute games (they are great fun!)

It's not all play though!!

 Reading & Writing

We have also started to combine sounds to make short words, also called CVC words. We listen to the words in full, then hear them sounded out and write/insert the correct letter sounds. This is the beginning of learning to read. The children are doing very well with their words and their writing is getting much better. We look forward to learning lots more words this month..


After all that hard work we decided to do something fun for PE for the coming months.We are beginning swimming from Monday 23rd January. This should be great fun. Our friends in Ms. Ruane's Spraoi class are going too, so we'll have great fun together. We cannot wait to try new things, so this will be a super experience for us all.